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MarsProxies Review

A no-frills proxy service with a global network, advanced features, and affordable prices.

The internet is flooded with proxy services, so picking the right one for you can be daunting. Some options may promise top-notch quality at high prices, while others offer affordability at the cost of quality or speed.

In this review, we focus on MarsProxies, a premium proxy service with a diverse catalog and attractive offerings such as non-expiring residential traffic, daily options, and exceptional speeds.

Does MarsProxies have everything you need, or should you better look elsewhere?

Let’s find out!

What Is MarsProxies?

MarsProxies is a premium proxy service controlling a global network of over 1 million IP addresses. Instead of focusing on one class of users, the provider offers proxies for most private and small to medium-sized business projects.

The proxies are suitable for various use cases, including web scraping, social media management, ad verification, online shopping, sneaker copping, gaming, streaming, and much more.

Their product catalog comprises all the essential proxies, but you won’t find any additional tools such as a web scraping API or a browser extension.

You can find a blog including many how-to guides and integration tutorials, which are quite helpful. Also, most users praise MarsProxies’ customer support on review sites like TrustPilot, describing it as fast and helpful.

However, there are not many user testimonials, considering it’s still a relatively new provider on the market, which was one of the reasons we wanted to review it in the first place.

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Types of Proxies and Features

At MarsProxies, you can find residential, ISP, datacenter, mobile, and sneaker proxies - pretty much all the essential proxy types.

Let’s dive into each.

MarsProxies Ultra Residential Proxies

Rotating residential proxy servers, or as MarsProxies like to call them, Ultra Residential Proxies, is the company’s main product. The network consists of over 1 million IP addresses in 190 countries, covering the entire planet. You also get precise geo-targeting options down to state/region level at no additional charges.

While their pool is smaller than some industry giants, it’s still enough for most private and small to medium-sized business projects. What's more important is that the IPs are ethically sourced from genuine residential users and ISPs, indicating a high trust score.

The proxy service supports HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols, dual authentication methods, and flexible rotation options. Rotating and sticky sessions allow you to switch your IP address per each request or keep the same one for anywhere between 1 second and 7 days. This is probably one of the best sticky sessions you’ll find in the entire industry.

Another impressive thing is the non-expiring traffic. If you buy residential traffic from MarsProxies, it’ll stay yours until used completely. This makes the service very cost-effective as you won’t lose any unused GBs, especially if you’re not sure how much traffic you really need.

MarsProxies Datacenter Proxies

MarsProxies controls a network of dedicated datacenter proxy servers in over 30 countries worldwide. The fact that they are dedicated is a huge plus for the service, ensuring your IP addresses are not used by anyone else.

This means you won’t share your bandwidth with anyone, which contributes to higher speeds and more reliable connections.

With 99.99% uptime, industry-leading speeds, and unlimited bandwidth, these proxies promise a lot. They come with HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS5 support, making them compatible with all types of software, websites, and platforms.

On the downside, the provider doesn’t mention the exact number of datacenter proxies it offers, but it's most likely hundreds of thousands of IPs, which should be enough for most small to medium-sized tasks.

MarsProxies ISP Proxies

The ISP proxy servers provided by MarsProxies are fast, stable, and reserved just for you. They are static and dedicated, so you can count on their stability and performance. You can find ISP IP addresses in around 30 countries worldwide, each supporting HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocol.

The proxies have fantastic speeds and 99.99% uptime, making them a great choice for any activity requiring fast and smooth connectivity. On top of that, they come with unlimited bandwidth, ensuring consistent performance no matter the volume of data you transfer.

MarsProxies Mobile Proxies

This is the latest product offered by MarsProxies, and it doesn’t disappoint at first glance. The company offers 5G/4G/3G/LTE mobile proxies for social media management, web scraping, privacy, and anything else requiring an authentic mobile IP address.

The proxy servers are dedicated to you and have 99.99% uptime, providing optimal reliability and speed. In addition, they come with unlimited traffic, so you can use them without worrying about data caps.

MarsProxies’ mobile proxies support HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS5 connections, making them compatible with most tools and apps.

Right now, you can find mobile IPs in only two locations – the US and the UK, which is understandable considering the service has only recently been introduced to the market.

Auto rotation is available every 10 minutes, but you have to contact the support team for activation. However, keep in mind that this option is not included in the daily plan.

MarsProxies Sneaker Proxies

Not all proxy providers offer sneaker proxy addresses, but MarsProxies has them. Did you know that the company started out as a sneaker proxy provider before expanding into a broader range of proxy services? This is probably why it still offers sneaker proxies in over 20 locations.

For sneaker enthusiasts, the chance to use IP addresses compatible with most sneaker bots and retail sites significantly increases their odds of winning the pair they want. And this is exactly what MarsProxies offer.

With HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS5 support, dedicated IPs, and unlimited traffic, the proxies will let you use any sneaker bot without interruption, even during peak periods of activity.

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MarsProxies seems conscious of the price they charge, so they offer some of the most affordable proxy servers on the market. This is most likely because the service is still young, so they feel that they have something to prove.

Along with reasonable prices, you can find highly customizable plans that will let you create the ideal package for your needs and budget.

Check out the starting prices of each product and the pricing model they follow:

  • Residential proxies - $4.99/GB

The residential proxy service follows the pay-as-you-go pricing model, allowing you to buy as many GBs as you want and keep them forever (non-expiring traffic.) Bulk orders bring great discounts, reducing the price to only $3.49 per GB.

  • Datacenter proxies - $0.99/proxy

You can order as little as one datacenter proxy for just a day or choose any of the 30, 60, or 90-day options. The longer the plan duration and the higher the number of proxies, the greater the discount, bringing the cost down to $0.89 per proxy.

  • ISP proxies - $1.39/proxy

At MarsProxies, you can order as many ISP proxies as you want in the desired location for a period of 1, 30, 60, or 90 days. Ordering more proxies and choosing a longer plan duration introduces discounts that reduce the cost to $1.35 per proxy.

  • Mobile proxies - $8.50/day

Besides the daily and monthly options (30, 60, and 90 days), MarsProxies also offers a weekly plan, which is quite rare in the proxy industry. The longer the plan duration, the greater the discount, bringing the cost down to only $2.93 a day.

  • Sneaker proxies - $0.90/proxy

The company lets you order as many sneaker proxies as you want in the preferred location for 1, 30, 60, or 90 days. Ordering more proxies and opting for a longer plan duration reduce the price to $0.86 per proxy.

To Sum Up

MarsProxies seems like the real deal for budget-conscious users looking for quality rather than a massive network.

With ethical IP sourcing, zero hidden costs, and advanced features like SOCKS5 support and non-expiring traffic, it holds great promise to evolve from a young and ambitious provider into a well-established service for all sorts of clients.

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